Get the newest ManyCam utility for Mac OS X.

3.1.3 for Mac (31.6 MB)
Download ManyCam Free
Please note that ManyCam Mac 3 is not compatible with older versions of ManyCam Mac Pro. If you are already a ManyCam Mac Pro user for version 2, you will need to purchase a new activation code for version 3.
Current ManyCam Mac Pro users can upgrade for 50% off, just enter your current activation code at checkout! Click Here to Upgrade.
Want to continue using ManyCam Mac Pro with version 2? Click Here to Download Version 2.0.51.
ManyCam for Windows is also available.

ManyCam brief feature list:

  • ManyCam Pro turns ManyCam into a Pro video switcher with transitions and more!
  • HD Video Support and Broadcasting.
  • Quickly take photo snapshots with one click.
  • Ability to capture and display specific applications.
  • Add Lower Thirds to your video screen.

System Requirements:

MacOS X 10.7, MacOS X 10.8, MacOS X 10.9, MacOS X 10.10

Intel Mac only